I pray… I really do

O thou mother! O fount of love.

Your son yearning, standing bestowed.

Touch my spirit, please do touch.

Not from the top, but from the bottom.

Your tender child, cries in isolation.

Let my spirit forth, till them began.

Over my shrine, let them take oath.

The human heart, cannot refrain,

Its’ after all, above all your pain.

Partaking is untold, let them hold.

Make them feel as thou hast felt,

Let my soul shine and melt.

Chop me into pieces, O holy mother,

Or let them crucify me oven again.

Wash my wounds with your tears.

Bless them away and blow their fears.

I’m no Christ nor am thee.

But want to share pain,

Once was in he.

Let me die in torments,

Allow them to slain me,

For their sins.

Mingling tears and mourning for,

Those loved me, and those were Czar.

Till I live for those years.

Let me mingle with their tears,

For all the sorrow sharing,

For all the bitter anguish bearing.

Let the sword pass me.

Forgive my fellow,

I love them hearing.

O mother fairy, love destine

Do love me, and do stand alone.

Beholding the pangs of your dying son.

I know your soul begotten,

Heart rust, you are highly blest.

But I wish you be one,

Who would not weep.

Just hold your tears,

Keep miseries buried deep.

With old scourges rent,

Let me face the torment.

For the sins they do,

Let me get hanged.

My spirit is yours’

I’ll come again.

Sustain your tears O dearer Mom,

To die for them I was born.

Let me live to my latest breath,

Let me be the son of thou.

Let my body bear the death,

Let be share the grief divine.

O virgin mother, hear this request,

Love me, leave me, don’t be blest.

Fire on the flames and let me burn.

Let my blood fill all their wounds.

Make me victorious in thee shrine

Make me stand their crude and divine.

Chop my body and send soul back,

Let me die for them again and again.

In mansions of glory and sparkling delight,

I never want heaven which is so bright.

Do I ever ask any crown?

Let them burn me again and frown,

Never had I wished a Calvary’s tree.

What I loved was love to thee.

Don’t knot me a tie,

But don’t let me down.

I need thorns to wear,

And a deep black gown.

O my gracious redeemer,

Everyone’s savior art thou,

Fulfill my only dream

For their sinful,

Give them smile.

Do impart me everyone’s sin


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रश्मि प्रभा said...

gr8.....aur koi shabd bhi nahin hain kahne ko,khush raho,aage badhte raho

nayeda............ said...

Amen !