Dangling down the fairy Dolphin Mountains,
I am there.
Crystallizing in the meandering Amazon,
I am there.
Under the deep vast Nile base,
I am there.
Beneath the snoopy, larky, creamy Greenland,
I am there.
From dip most Andes to the highest Rockies,
From thorny savannas to Bermuda triangle,
I am there.
Into the breeze passing your window,
Into the splashes of the first monsoon,
In the dropping sweat in a hot afternoon,
I am there.
Passing through the Chittgaon mangroves,
Blowing through the Malgudi streets,
In the damp of ran of Kucch,
I am there.
In the agony of your past,
Into the ferocity of your future,
Melancholy of your present,
I am there.
Burning in the gloomy sun,
Paining in the lonely night,
Whispering when you are so quite,
I am there.
Burnt into ashes,
I am there.
Buried into grove,
I am there.
Talking from coffin,
I am there.
Dissolved into Gangas,
I am there.
I don’t have a shrine.
Neither have a monument.
Open your eyes,
I am nowhere.
But feel it,
smell it,
inhale it,
Into every bit of oxygen you inhale,
Every smell u feel…..I am there………..there for ever.

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